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Visual Identity Design
You need so much more than a logo for your brand! Your logo is a representation of your brand, but it doesn’t tell your story. And that still doesn’t mean one logo! Your brand needs flexibility to visually show up and stand out! And with social media, now more than ever, you need OPTIONS. A visual identity provides all of that. This includes logo variations, a color palette, typography, graphics, and guidelines on how to use these things to optimize your success.
Print Design
As a business owner or an individual, you have many needs for your business. Even with social media being so popular, print is not dead! Get your print needs fulfilled from business cards to banners, postcards, letterhead, brochures, and more.
 website Design
If you have a small business you may not have a website yet. Maybe you're using a Facebook or Instagram business page. Or even a Google page. But you can elevate your business with an official website! It doesn't have to be difficult. With a few quality pictures and carefully crafted words, your business could be taken to the next level!
Social Media Management
As a business owner I know I'm super busy and always trying to find time to manage everything. If this sounds like you let me take one thing off of your plate. I can help with social media management, creating and posting content, keeping your accounts current, and engaging with potential customers.
 Virtual Assistant
As a business owner, your job is never done. Let me take on some of your load to ensure that you can keep up with everything. Scheduling and calendar management, email cleanup, sending emails, and more. I'm here to be your assistant from afar!
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